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Caramel, Pistachio & Sea Salt Cookies

Caramel, Pistachio & Sea Salt Cookies

One of my favourite past times is raiding the kitchen, and as I sit on the floor eating my way through something tasty, I think about what I can make with the spoils of my raid. My most recent raid produced caramel and pistachio sea-salt cookies.

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Beef and Potato Empanadas

Beef and potato puff

When I first mentioned to 3 friends that I was going to make beef and potato empanadas, only 1 of them heard me right. Whereas Sophie heard ‘beef potato and empanadas’, Andrew and David heard ‘beef, potato and bananas’. They thought I was going to make some sort of exotic pie. Although it is an entertaining idea that I might try out one day, I stuck with beef and potato empanadas in the end.

A main incentive for me to try making these was because I had two sheets of puff pastry left over from a previous kitchen adventure that I had to use, as well as chicken stock which was just sitting there in the pantry. …Now that I think about it, I didn’t really make empanadas like I said I was going to; I made beef and potato puffs.

Nevertheless I would definitely make these again! My family really liked these puffs! The only thing I miscalculated was the ratio of pastry sheet to beef & potato filling I had. It was like 1 : 5 o_O (more on that below)

As an amateur cook who is still very much learning, I think these puffs are relatively simple to make but they taste really, really good. Continue reading