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Raspberry, Mascarpone & Pistachio Bûche de Noël

Raspberry, Marscarpone & Pistachio Bûche de Noël

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and had a great time enjoying the day wherever they are in the world! This log was made at the request of my mum who rather liked the Bûche de Noël log I made last year. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to take better pictures as I was very busy Christmas day helping mum out and making a big pot of pumpkin soup (all from scratch!). My log is a little messy but I received positive feedback from my family and cousins so once it’s in the tummy I guess how the log looks isn’t such a big deal anymore!

As you can see I also attempted to make pinecones out of chocolate fudge and almond slivers and I almost turned into a nut myself. Come the next day after I had let my pinecones sit in the fridge overnight, they turned out all right I think! 🙂 Perhaps not as pretty as the images found on pinterest, but I tried!

Some of you might recognise the decorations sitting on top of my log, and if they do look familiar it’s because these are also the decorations I used last year for my log as well. I had been meaning to go out and find a few new Christmas decorations to put on cakes, but alas! I ran out of time. Still, I do like the Christmas decorations I have.

For the sponge, I used the same recipe and method shared by famed French Dessert house Pierre Hermé that I used last year. I LOVE the sponge recipe because it stays so beautifully soft, even after a whole night in the fridge and then some a few days after. The sponge also rolls beautifully, minimising the risks of the sponge cracking.

The only change I really made was the filling that I put into the roll – even then, I still brushed on some passionfruit simple syrup (same as last year) into my sponge to really bring out the flavour of the raspberries, chocolate and mascarpone white chocolate cream. Pistachios were also sprinkled into the sponge and on top of the roll, as you can see in the pictures.

Raspberry, Marscarpone & Pistachio Bûche de Noël

My Christmas log came together by piecing together many different recipes I happened to come upon on the internet, so credit must be given where due:

  • The recipe and method for almond chocolate pinecones can be found on: Oh! nuts
  • Recipe and method for vanilla sponge from my Yule Log last year: Here!
  • Mascarpone and white chocolate recipe: *
  • Idea for Raspberry and Pistachio Yule Log: Elle.Fr

*I note to my readers that I reduced the amount of whipping cream added into my mascarpone and white chocolate filling to 300ml. This made just enough to spread a nice layer of cream to roll up and to spread on top of the log.

Raspberry, Marscarpone & Pistachio Bûche de Noël

Well, that’s it from me for this year, I hope everyone has a good break and it all ready to go for the new year that’s just around the corner! Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.17.03 PM


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