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Brownies (with carrot and spinach)

 photo brownieswithspinachandcarrotii_zpsca87c3a7.jpg

It was only brought to my attention yesterday that putting in spinach and carrots in brownies to make them healthy was actually a really popular thing to do. Well, I’ve officially tried my hand and making them, and given my end product a bit of a chew! So… what do I think of them?

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Sweets & treats

Making toffee/hazelnut praline! [no water method]

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Hi friends! The last time I attempted to make praline, I really bungled it. I hovered and hovered over the saucepan for what felt like hours before I zipped away to do some reading for like, 3 seconds. Before I knew it, my praline was more black than golden orange and there was a burning smell filling the air.


I am happy to tell you that I have been wandering around the house with a caramelised spoon in my mouth for the good part of a dreary grey afternoon and there’s no burnt smell within nose smelling distance! Continue reading