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No Bake Coconut & Oreo Cookie Balls

No Bake Coconut and Oreo Cookie Balls
These balls probably aren’t the most sophisticated things I’ve made in the kitchen. But when temperatures are over 40 degrees Celsius and the air is as dry as sandpaper I’m all about going easy if I can.

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Tiramisu cake

Brother's 22nd Birthday Cake

Hi friends!

Happy 2014! Instead of having a dinner to greet the new year, my family had a celebratory dinner to welcome the new year on the day~, in addition to helping my brother celebrate his birthday (which is in February) a little earlier because he’ll won’t be in the state come the actual day 😦

I ate so much food last night that I wanted to go to my room and take a nap before it was time for dessert. But then I thought it probably would have been rather embarrassing for my family should our guests find me sleeping as heavily as a hibernating bear in winter when I should be playing host.  So in an attempt to be “present”, I sat on the couch swaying slightly as my brain dimly registered that “Adventure Time” was on TV. At least my eyes were open even if my soul was elsewhere, right?

Although I helped make a few other dishes served last night, I thought to share with you the cake my sister and I made for my brother’s birthday.

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